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Louisiana SenioRx Program
The Louisiana SenioRx Program is designed to help older adults access drug manufacturers' discount cards and pharmaceutical assistance programs and assist them in applying for such programs.

Eligibility for the SenioRx Program participation shall be limited to residents of the state of Louisiana who meet, at a minimum:
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08/01 - 08/31
Senior Center Activities

08/01 - 08/31
National Immunization Awareness Month

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

Cajun Area Agency on Aging, Inc. and the Aging & Disability Resource Center
answered many calls from evacuees of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 
From these calls many lessons were learned on how best
to prepare for potential disasters


  • Make copies of all important documents including driver's license, insurance papers,                                
    bank statements, birth (and death) certificates, list of drug allergies and prescriptions,
    vehicle registration and proof of insurance...
      * Store them in a waterproof container that is easily accessible if evacuation is required                    
  • Have cash available (if possible)
  • Inform local authorities of special needs relating to elderly, disabled or bedridden to insure
    proper transportation for evacuation
  • Post emergency and family phone numbers near all phones
  • Make allowances for family pets

Prepare an emergency kit containing the following items:



Booster Cables 

Fire Extinguisher 



First Aid Kit 


If evacuation is required bring only essential items:



Prescription Drugs 

Copies of Paperwork 


Credit Cards 


Emergency Numbers

Click for information on:

Sheltering in Place
Parish Emergency Contact Directory
Planning for Pets a Priority
Lafayette Hurricane Evacuation Routes

If you would like an Emergency Preparedness Readiness Guide, 
email Cajun Area Agency on Aging, Inc.
or call (800) 738-2256