Families Helping Families

Families Helping Families

510 W. University Avenue Lafayette LA


Families Helping Families (FHF) is a multifaceted, comprehensive Family Directed Resource Center of families who, because of their own experiences, are aware of and are committed to reaching out to other families who have members with special needs which include physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and/or academic issues. FHF’s uniqueness flows from the fact that it offers, for the first time, a place where families can go for help and understanding that is guided and staffed by parents of individuals with special needs. FHF offers information and referral, education and training, and parent-to-parent support. FHF offers the following programs: Project Prompt (laws, rights and advocacy), Star Project (Louisiana’s Supported Employment Program which offers information to services for support and training access rights to individuals with disabilities age 16 or older), Special Needs Library (books, magazines and tapes), Parent-To-Parent (matching experience parents with new ones), Unitary Resources File (articles, newsletter and resource information), Workshop for Professionals (educator, therapists and other service providers), Workshops for Parents (communication, problem-solving, advocacy issues). Partners in Policy Making (a national leadership training program for people with developmental disabilities and family members of young children with developmental disabilities); Inclusion Facilitator- DEA states all children with disabilities will be served in the least restrictive environment (in classroom if not disabled or has special needs). LaCan Advocacy program to build community support and services.


Cost of Services: None

Eligibility Requirements: Any individual or family member of individual with disabilities and/or special needs


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