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Aging and Disabled Adults Resource Center
Cajun Area Agency on Aging, Inc., the Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs, and the Department of Health and Hospitals formed a partnership to establish an Aging and Disabled Adults Resource Center.
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Medicare Part D Re-Enrollment
Open Enrollment Begins Oct 15th
For information and assistance on the re-enrollment process call 1-800-738-2256
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Cajun Area Agency on Aging Inc. Ombudsman Program

About the Ombudsman Program

Federal Law requires every state to operate an Ombudsman program. Its purpose is to ensure that residents of long term care facilities receive the best possible care and that their rights are protected and promoted. The Louisiana Ombudsman Program fulfills that purpose by:

  • Investigating and resolving problems, including complaints against a facility or public agency
  • Advocating for resident rights and improvements in care and quality of life
  • Educating the public, caregivers and the residents themselves about their rights and efforts to improve care
  • Informing lawmakers and public agencies about ways to improve care
  • Aiding families in identifying suitable nursing or long term care facilities for loved ones.

Who are Ombudsmen?

Ombudsmen are men and women trained to respond to the problems and needs of residents of nursing facilities and other long term care facilities.

What do Ombudsmen do?

Ombudsmen work to assure that residents receive the best possible care and that they are treated with respect and dignity. Ombudsmen work with residents, their families, facilities, community organizations, and other interested parties to address concerns that affect the lives of residents. Ombudsmen listen, provide information and assist residents in solving problems.

What kinds of problems do Ombudsmen respond to?

Ombudsmen are interested in any problem, complaint or concern a resident may have. Common problems are with the quality of care, food, finances, activities, visitation and the ability to exercise their rights as a resident or citizen.

Who should contact an Ombudsman?

Anyone who has questions or concerns about care or treatment a resident is receiving should contact an Ombudsman.

How do you contact an Ombudsman?

Ombudsmen visit the facility regularly. You can talk to the Ombudsman during one of these regular visits, or you get the name and number of the Ombudsman in your area by calling:

1-800-738-2256 or
or emailing:

LA State Ombudsman 1-800-259-4990