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232-HELP Donated Dental Services

232-HELP Donated Dental Services

439 Heymann/P.O. Box 52763 Lafayette LA


232-HELP’s DDS program provides free dental treatment for the elderly ,60 years or older; or for handicapped adults 18 years or older receiving SSI and/or Social Security disability; or medically compromised adults 18 years or older. All must have income at or below Federal poverty guidelines. Volunteer dentists volunteer their time and services for basic dental work. The program only provides simple extractions (1-5), restorations (caps, front root canals, crowns and fillings), and treatment of abscesses. No lab work, dentures or bridge work can be provided. The DDS program does not provide: cleanings, full mouth extractions, posterior (back) root canals, space maintainers or orthodontic treatment. Examples of disabilities are: mental retardation, muscle disorders, cerebral palsy, visual and hearing impairments, epilepsy, developmental disabilities (disabilities which occur before age of 21), spinal cord injuries (no other type of back injury), and mental illnesses (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.). Examples of medically compromising conditions are: cancer, renal/kidney disease, diabetes which has resulted in further health problems, heart disease, liver disease, etc. Call for more information.


Cost of Services: None

Eligibility Requirements: Elderly (60 or older), handicapped 18 yrs or older on SSI/SS disability, or medically compromised meeting income guidelines


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