SMILE Community Action Agency, Inc. (Lafayette Office)

SMILE Community Action Agency, Inc. (Lafayette Office)

501 St John St Lafayette LA


SMILE Community Action Agency helps with prescription medications once a year for a maximum of $100 per family (no pain medications), utilities, rent and mortgage payment assistance. Applications for medication, utilities, held on Mondays thru Thursday with appointments scheduled for the last Tuesday of the month; applications Tuesdays only for rent and mortgage assistance. Hours for taking applications are 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:00. There is a limit of $50. Documents needed: Disconnect notice, eviction notice, proof of income for every household member, Social Security cards for every household member and dates of birth, as well as documented reason why you need the help. For clients who have previously been assisted must wait one year and one day from the date they received that assistance before applying for additional help. In addition, SMILE also operates the following programs: TRANSPORTATION: SMILE provides non-emergency medical and general transportation to Lafayette parish residents. For general transportation the cost is $6 in Lafayette Parish; must call the day before to schedule. Those persons having the Medicaid cad can call the Medical Dispatcher who will schedule transportation with Smile. Medicaid approved transportation has priority, then elderly and handicapped. HEAD START – offers a part-day program for preschool children who come primarily from economically-disadvantaged households. Also offers Head Start Disability Services, Training and Technical Assistance and Early Head Start. USDA COMMODITY DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM – quarterly food distribution program which supplements the diets of disadvantaged families. COMMUNITY SERVICE BLOCK GRANTS – provides support services for community-based, anti-poverty programs and projects such as emergency assistance, transportation, weatherization, etc..LOW-INCOME HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (LiHeap) – provides payment to energy suppliers on behalf of persons needing help with their utility bills, particularly the elderly and handicapped and families with children. Program is funded through the LA Department of Social Services. Applications are taken on the last Tuesday of the month at 8:00am. Applicants can either call or go in. There is a waiting list. WEATHERIZATION – (Cassandra Griffin, Coordinator) an energy conservation program that assists low-income persons, elderly and handicapped by weatherizing their homes with cost-saving measures and maintenance. EMERGENCY FOOD/SHELTER – program that provides emergency food and shelter for the needy and disadvantaged and helps with rent or mortgage payments. HOMELESS ASSISTANCE – helps the homeless during their transitional period out of poverty; accepts families with children under age 9 (will accept a woman and children or a man and children). Exceptions to this rule is made on a case-by-case basis. HUD APPROVED HOUSING COUNSELING PROGRAM – provides information and assistance to clients with housing needs. Housing counseling activities include mortgage default, pre-purchase activities, consumer education, pre-occupancy rental, rental delinquency, relocation assistance, home ownership counseling and others. RETIRED SENIOR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM (RSVP) – recruits and places retired senior citizens in meaningful volunteer assignments for non-profit agencies and individuals. Must be 55 years or older. MEDICAID AND CHIP ENROLLMENT CENTER – by appointment only. They accept applications on Tuesday. EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE GRANTS PROGRAM – facilitates self-sufficiency by providing temporary housing and supportive services for homeless families. FINDWORK (PROJECT INDEPENDENCE) – TRANSPORTATION – provides transportation for qualified participants, including clients and their preschool children who are transported to education sites and day care facilities, respectively. Previously referred to as the JOBS Program, it is designed to assist certain groups of TANF clients in securing independence from outside resources. FAMILY RESOURCE/PARENTING CENTER – Provides ongoing community education in St. Martin Parish on development and self sufficiency of protecting children. The primary target population is parents under 20 years of age who are at risk of becoming abusers (high school dropouts, parents from abused families, low income), the extended family members and children six year and under. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY CENTERS – Provides computer technology and internet services for community residents. Introduces low-income families to computers and various programs and targets youth with afternoon activities. Also serves as a community lab, enabling families to enhance their computer skills and explore the Information Superhighway. Located in St. Martin and Iberia Parishes.


Cost of Services: Call for fees

Eligibility Requirements: All programs are governed by poverty guidelines which may differ for a given service


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