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Aging and Disabled Adults Resource Center
Cajun Area Agency on Aging, Inc., the Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs, and the Department of Health and Hospitals formed a partnership to establish an Aging and Disabled Adults Resource Center.
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02/03 - 02/28
Senior Center Activities

02/01 - 02/29
National Heart Awareness Month

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

Cajun Area Agency on Aging, Inc. and the Aging & Disability Resource Center
answered many calls from evacuees of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 
From these calls many lessons were learned on how best
to prepare for potential disasters


  • Make copies of all important documents including driver's license, insurance papers,                                
    bank statements, birth (and death) certificates, list of drug allergies and prescriptions,
    vehicle registration and proof of insurance...
      * Store them in a waterproof container that is easily accessible if evacuation is required                    
  • Have cash available (if possible)
  • Inform local authorities of special needs relating to elderly, disabled or bedridden to insure
    proper transportation for evacuation
  • Post emergency and family phone numbers near all phones
  • Make allowances for family pets

Prepare an emergency kit containing the following items:



Booster Cables 

Fire Extinguisher 



First Aid Kit 


If evacuation is required bring only essential items:



Prescription Drugs 

Copies of Paperwork 


Credit Cards 


Emergency Numbers

Click for information on:

Sheltering in Place
Parish Emergency Contact Directory
Planning for Pets a Priority
Lafayette Hurricane Evacuation Routes

If you would like an Emergency Preparedness Readiness Guide, 
email Cajun Area Agency on Aging, Inc.
or call (800) 738-2256